A fifty meter long pool that is situated in the same beach’s sand, runs along the hotel and also parallel to the coast. It lets one swim in the ocean, without truly getting in it.
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Escondido’s restaurant offers a fusion of Mexican and international food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be the few times for guests of our sixteen cabanas to encounter each other due to the countless of possibilities this region offers. Healthy food, cooked with autochthonous products, the catch of the day and the best fruits make up for a menú that truly leaves no one unsutisfied.
Escondido’s Beach Club is the only spot on the beach that is civilized. The sensation of paradise is constant without having to sacrifice the best in service. Hidden within Escondido, there is also an underground club for those that want to celebrate something a little more special or a specific event. It’s a space that’s truly hidden and acoustically isolated.
Escondido also features a spa that offers native product treatments. The two treatment rooms receive guests that truly want to become one with their environment. The cool pool water and the hot steam complement each other for a genuinely deep relaxation. The private terrace in each palapa, will double as the perfect spot for a revitalizing massage, just steps away from the ocean.
Escondido features sixteen palapas, fourteen with King size beds and two with Twin size beds.  The palapas are 35 square meters, (376 feet squared) which includes their own “chill out” zone, individual pool and all the amenities of a luxury hotel in a heavenly enclave. Colors used throughout, are purely Mexican.


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